Sensors and Counters

  • BAUMER FKDK 14G6901 – Diffuse Contrast Sensors

    Category: Color and Contrast Sensor
    • type: diffuse contrast sensor
    • light source: white LED
    • sensing distance Tw: 12,5 mm ±2 mm
    • light indicator: LED green
    • output indicator: LED yellow
    • sensitivity adjustment: Teach-in
    • distance to focus: 12,5 mm
    • beam height: 3 mm
    • beam width: 1 mm
  • BAUMER FKDM 22P1901/S14F (LED RGB)

    Category: Color and Contrast Sensor
    • sensing distance Tw: 40 mm
    • sensor channels: 4 (teachable)
    • tolerance ranges: 5-step teachable (LEDs)
    • size of measuring spot: 3 mm x 5 mm
    • light source: LED red / green / blue
    • signal display (Teach): LED orange
    • channel status display: LED yellow per channel
    • power on indication: LED green
  • BAUMER U500 DA0

    Category: Ultrasonic Sensor

    Ultrasonic distance measuring sensors. The sensor recognizes automatically whether it should deliver a current or a voltage output.

  • BAUMER U500 PA0

    Category: Ultrasonic Sensor

    Ultrasonic proximity sensors

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