Safety Laser Scanners



    The UAM-05LP is a protective scanning device used for zone guarding near production equipment areas and monitoring the travel path of moving vehicles. Using the TOF (Time of Flight) operating principle for distance measurement, the scanner will calculate the time during which a pulse-emitted beam is reflected back from any detected object within a 270º scanning angle. Any object or person entering the configured warning and protection zones will initiate an output for stopping a machine or automated guided vehicle. The safety laser scanner allows users to easily configure simple or complex protection and/or warning zones to meet the application requirements. To maximize safety in a compact size, the UAM is an ideal solution for preventing a potentially unsafe situation in many industrial sectors. The UAM-05LP is also equipped with an Ethernet interface for obtaining distance data and intensity output values.

    • Industrial Vehicles(AGVs)
    • Storage and Warehousing
    • Autonomous Robotics
    • Material Handling and Packaging
    • Automotive and Aerospace
    • Metal and Steel
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