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    The UAM-02LP is a protective scanning device used for zone guarding near production equipment areas and monitoring the travel path of moving vehicles. Using the TOF (Time of Flight) operating principle for distance measurement, the scanner will calculate the time during which a pulse-emitted beam is reflected back from any detected object within a 190º scanning angle. Any object or person entering the configured warning and protection zones will initiate an output for stopping a machine or automated guided vehicle. The safety laser scanner allows users to easily configure simple or complex protection and/or warning zones to meet the application requirements.

    To maximize safety in a compact size, the UAM is an ideal solution for preventing a potentially unsafe situation in many industrial sectors.

    • Industrial vehicles (AGVs)
    • Storage and Warehousing
    • Autonomous Robotics
    • Material Handling and packaging
    • Automotive and Aerospace
    • Metal and Steel
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    • Rugged Absolute Type
    • 10mm Dia Shaft for Very Rugged Structure Application
    • Dust-Proof & Water-Proof (IP 64)
  • HOKUYO PVF – High Performance Fiber Amplifier

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    • Response time 250µsec
    • Easy sensitivity adjustment (no screw driver is required)
    • 40ms off delay function
  • RIKO BR2 – Auto Tuning Digital Fiber Amplifier

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    • Numerical Display
    • Easy Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Cost saving
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    HOKUYO LDA – Digital Type Laser Sensor With External Amplifier

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    • Visible laser ray for easy allignment
    • High-speed response time, 60µsec
    • 3 kinds of beam can be chosen(Spot, area, line)
    • IP67 for sensor head
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    HOKUYO LEX – Built In Amplifier Laser Sensor

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    • Easy to install due to visible laser beam
    • High response time, 0.25msec. or less
    • IP67, water-proof structure
    • Small light spot enable detection of small objects
    • Cost saving
  • HOKUYO PDF – High Functions Dual Output Digital Fiber Amplifier

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    • Dual display of Preset value and current light receiving value
    • High Speed 60µsec
    • Automatic Power Control function to maintain constant power light source
    • Remote teach-in function is configurable.
  • HOKUYO PEX – Built In Amplifier Photoelectric Sensor

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    • Detecting distance is 10m for through-beam type, is 2.6m for retro-reflection type and is 0.5m for diffuse reflection type.
    • Cost saving models
    • Waterproof housing
  • HOKUYO PEX ECO – Eco Friendly Photoelectric Sensor

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    • Offers low power consumption for greener environment.
    • Extended sensing distance compared to ordinary PEX series.
    • IP 67 & Compact Size
  • HOKUYO PLX – AC/DC Free Power Source Photoelectric Sensor

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    • Though-beam type 10m, Retro-reflection type(With polarized filter) 4m, Diffuse-reflection type 70cm
    • Free power source, 24 to 240VAC/12 to 110VDC
    • Easy alignment due to visible red LED light source
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    • Though-beam type 70m, Retro-reflective type 12m
    • Free power source, 12 to 240 VAC / 24 to 240 VDC
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    CHASSIS – CR4-14BA-B

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    4U Industry PC Dimension (W x H x D) 483 x 177 x 510mm(19¡±x7.0¡±x20.1¡±)

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